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Issue 13

Issue is the annual student-run publication from the University of Austin at Texas School of Architecture. I was co-editor and art director for Issue 13.

The Hay Collectors

On the summer solstice, a mysterious society in Southwest France collects hay and performs a strange harvest ritual.

"Surprise Mistakes" was a five-day performance and fashion design workshop led by Danish designer Henrik Vibskov at the Domaine de Boisbuchet. All images copyright Ingebjørg Kårstad.

The "Surprise Mistakes" workshop was: Henrik Vibskov, Sarah Alfarhan, Katie Bautista, Brennen Birch, Kimberly McCleary, Lin Han-Wei, Valerie Meyer, and Yang Han-Yu. 

The Golden Door

The Golden Door is a restaurant and incubator for refugee and immigrant-owned businesses. As the most potent symbol of our identity and culture, food has the power to demystify a culture, highlight common ground, and trivialize our differences. The name "The Golden Door" is a reference to the poem The New Colossus, engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Design elements in the restaurant change as the menu evolves to reflect the cultures of those currently staffing the restaurant.

By placing diners at the same counter where dishes are assembled, interaction between the kitchen staff and guests is encouraged. Asking simple questions about ingredients or cooking techniques opens doors to discussions about cultural traditions and identity. 


A few short GIFs exploring form and material in Adobe 3DS Max and VRay. From Kory Bieg's Supraficial seminar.

Your Own Nature

From time immemorial, humans have harnessed the earth’s energy for the sensual pleasures of bathing. Your Own Nature evokes the spirit of a natural hot spring in a downtown Austin midrise. The project proposes a series of private bathing capsules clad in translucent Corian to be inserted into an existing hotel building. Each capsule is filled with performative artificial stones that provide soothing warmth and create sensorial microclimates.

Concept model